• Fact # 1. Do you Know that recent reports show that up to 70% of all collision repairs are done improperly and
    some cases may  lead to deadly circumstances?  Fraud also has been reported in recent local and national
    headlines.  Fortunately in The State of California you have the right by Law   [Click Here]   [California Code, Title
    10, Chapter 5, Subchapter 8 Section 2695.8D.2.C.], to select the repair shop of your choice.  It's simple --  It's all
    about you, your car and your safety.   It's your choice - Choose Wisely.

  • # 2. Having SE  look at your car before you put your claim in could save you time and money !  We all know that
    filing a claim can put you through a jungle of red tape and could result in an increase in your rates. You may not
    need to involve your insurance company. If after inspection we find that putting a claim in is necessary,  SE can
    handle the claim process for you. We can pick you up, arrange your tow, call claim in [we work with all
    insurance companies], as well as arrange for a rental car and negotiating repairs directly with your insurance
    company.  For over 32 years, SE  has been one of the largest quality collision repair facility in San Diego giving us
    a unique ability to help guide you through the insurance and repair process.

  • # 3. SE is on many insurance companies repair lists of recommended shops. SE 's companies put you first when
    it comes time to repair your vehicle. If we are not on your companies list, it does not mean that SE cannot repair
    your vehicle. We choose to be on some list and not on others. Your doctors have the same choices. Being on a
    list sometimes means that you are bound by a contract to meet predefined quotas, which in some cases may
    not in your best interest. Not being on their list means only that SE will not have to compromise your repair
    because of some quota or contractual agreement. In addition, if we are not on your insurance company's list, at
    no time will your repair cost you a penny more at SE, Guaranteed!  Choosing SE gives you the confidence that
    the  insurance company's SE works with will put you back on the road with the best of care. Remember, the Law
    gives you the right to choose.

  • # 4. If your insurance company is not on our list, with each repair SE will also provide the following to show we
    put you 1st.  
            *Up to 1 week of free rental car ($100.00 value) with repairs of $1000.00 or more.   
             * Free detail and free exterior panel touch up and provide touch up kit.  
             * SE will safety check your car, at no charge to you. If your car has had previous repairs or you              
    purchased it used, this could be an eye opener. Because up to 70% of repairs are done improperly and          
    could  save  you time, money, and peace of mind when it comes time to sell or turn your car in at lease end.  
    Call for details .   
  • # 5. If your insurance company is not paying for your repairs,  SE  will match or beat any similar collision repair
    facility's estimate if written with one of these estimating systems,  Ultramate, CCC or ADP.  Click below for
    appointments and more details.  Note:  Excludes complete paint work, rust work, and estimates that do not
    reflect proper or safe repairs.

  •                                                 San Diego autobody repair and collision #1

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