Before we can close your repair out, please read and understand
important warranty information below on how take care of your new
repair.  Than please fill out the bottom of this page and click the submit
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#1. Do not wax or seal paint for 90 days. This will damage your paint and void your warranty.  Avoid machine car
washes for 30 days. You can wash with mild liquid dish soap in shade only. If something gets on paint and will not
wash off -- please call us for advice. This could save you lots of money.

#2. Repairing cars is like you having surgery. Just as your doctor after surgery has you come back for
a check up, SE would also like those bigger repairs to have a follow up visit.  You know your car better
than we do.  SE's goal is to get it back the way it was before the accident. Please ask your advisor if
your repair needs a follow up visit.

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